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We are delighted to announce that we have launched The FI Group Podcast. Our first podcast series will explore just some of the great, innovative companies that we work with, highlighting the cutting-edge projects that they do, and how we work with them on their R&D tax claims.

Episode 1 is available to listen to on the following platforms:

In our first episode, we look into what The FI Group UK offer to their clients, the scale of our business and we speak to one of our clients, Pedro Martinez, Head of Finance at Everis. Everis is a dedicated consulting and outsourcing IT company and Pedro talks about how we have collaborated with them, to support their growth and save them money on R&D tax.

Search for The FI Group Podcast, wherever you listen to podcasts to get the first episode now.

In this blog we’ve put together a transcript of the first episode, so you don’t miss a thing. Imagine the intro music playing as you read this great first episode.

Hello I am Leon Archie and welcome to a podcast series brought to you by the FI Group. This podcast will look into all areas of the future exploring exciting innovations and technology companies that FI Group is involved with.

We will highlight how our services have helped these forward thinkers in their development and save large amounts of money on their corporate taxes.

I started working for the FI Group three years ago. As a business development manager, it’s my role to seek new businesses, and service our current clients.

So, a typical day in my role would be prospecting. So, looking online and finding out about new technologies and companies within that sector and explain the benefits of R&D for taxes.

I would say what FI Group represents to me is, is a family, really. A lot of our employees are long serving which shows how dedicated FI Group is to ensuring that not only are the clients taken care of but their employees too.

The FI Group is an international consultancy company specialising in the management of R&D tax relief and R&D grants. FI Group has over 20 years of experience in the field and over 1200 employees at an international level. We have over 37 offices in 12 countries and cater for over 13,500 satisfied clients, managing more than 20,000 projects a year.

Our UK office, based in London, works with businesses at all stages of their company journey to leverage additional funding for their innovation through the governments R&D tax incentive schemes.

We provide a bespoke service to our clients through a technical approach with the support of a team of highly skilled scientists and engineers. We are highly successful and ensure that we give our clients the support needed post claim.

R&D tax relief is a government backed incentive scheme to help companies carrying out research and development through innovation to claim tax relief in the form a reduced tax liability or in the case of loss-making companies tax credits.

The R&D scheme has been around since 2002 and has developed into the best source of tax relief for most companies that do technological improvements to their processes.

We have a tightly knit team in London but serve nationwide clients. We also take great satisfaction in making successful claims for our clients and build relationships which help us to further understand their business for future claims.

Over this period of lockdown we have experienced an increase in the demand for our services as we can claim extra cash to help companies in difficulty. So it is with this in mind that we have created this podcast to clear the doubts in people’s minds and present real life examples of how companies can benefit from the R&D tax scheme.

We will highlight how services have helped these forward thinkers in their development and save them large amounts of money on their taxes.

In this episode we’ll look particularly at consultancies in the software technology sector who provide solutions to businesses from banking, aeronautics, retail sector and networking systems.

The drive for ever improving technology has created a space for specialist companies in this field and the solutions they provide for their clients could enable them to qualify for these tax benefits.

We offer a full consultancy service where we review the activities carried out and present R&D reports to HMRC. We have worked with many brands in this sector, one in particular called Everis, an NTT data company. We have helped them with their claims over the last few years and have left them very satisfied with the results. Let me introduce you Pedro Martinez who we have worked very closely with.

Hello, this is Pedro Martinez. I am the Head of Finance at Everis consultancy, also known as Everis UK. Everis is a dedicated consulting and an outsourcing IT company. We offer IT solutions from software to business transformation, process improvement, artificial intelligence. We cover quite a lot of angles. We do have very qualified people and the very large support coming from Spain and a number of staff there, so we can deal with larger projects, but our strength, our core business, is IT consulting.

In the finance team we are responsible for collating all the financial information for the business, preparing reports, then ensuring that the company runs smoothly. We, obviously process payments and collections from customers.

We work on that relationship between customers and our internal customers and Everis as well, as with our sister companies in the UK and around the world.

I started at Everis in January 2018, so it’s now two and a half years. The FI Group has been working for Everis for a number of years initially in Everis Spain, which is the parent company.

The FI Group are in several countries in the world, as is Everis. We have also started to work with FI Group in the UK for a few years now. So, we do work with FI Group on our research and development claims to the tax office, where we obviously tried to get some benefits, some tax benefits, out of the innovation expenditure that we incur. And FI Group do assist us on these in a very efficient way.

The FI Group helps us compile very comprehensive reports, which are used to send the claims to HMRC. So the FI Group, what they are doing with us, is they speak to quite a lot of people in our company, trying to find out what the projects that we work on are about, what is innovative about them, and then, you know, strength of the claim in each case. And then find out the costs that we really incurred that can be claimed and try to maximize what is really the benefit to us.

They do a lot of the research worked for us and they do take, I believe, a lot of time investigating all the projects that we do.

I found the FI Group to actually be very professional. I find them very persistent and when they need something, they will give you all the help you need. And they help us with the research and development, which is, I believe, their strength and they do it very well. We have had a hundred percent success rate on claims with HMRC. And that for us is obviously very important. And it’s, it is a very important KPI to use to see the good work they do, support in the research and development is a very, very strong point for the FI Group and something that I would very strongly recommend that you use them for.

Thank you Pedro. We hope you have found this useful and remember if you would like support with your finances or have any questions about R&D Tax you can find out more online at uk.fi-group.com. We’re here and happy to help.

Thank you for listening. I’ll be back in a few weeks with updates about what we’ve been doing here at the FI Group. Thank you and I’ll see you soon.

If you want to talk one of our friendly team, get in touch today.

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