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We guide our clients through every step of the process from identifying grants that are relevant to their projects, through to grant application writing and delivery. Our Head of Grants is also an independent assessor of Innovate UK grants, which allows us to stay up to date on policy changes that affect grant outcomes.

International clients can also benefit from our global presence by using FI Group to identify grants suitable for their subsidiaries abroad, reducing the time and effort spent searching for a new local provider.

R&D Tax Credits Vs. R&D Grants


Can I apply for R&D Tax Credits and Grant funding?

Yes you can apply for both subsidies because the grant is only part funded. When you apply for a future R&D tax benefit after completing a grant funded project, you can claim for the non-grant funded portion.

Can I get 100% funding for my project?

Usually no, as the UK grants scheme support between 70% – 30% of the financial cost of projects, depending on the level of your commercial development and the size of your company. In rare occasions, small companies may be eligible for 100% funding of a project.

What’s your success rate?

FI Group UK has an average success rate of 70% across global jurisdictions. However this covers a broad range of funding competitions, such as regional, national and pure R&D funding.

In the UK, securing funding is much more challenging. Our grant team has a 30% success rate, which is significantly higher than the national average of 7% success for companies applying independently. Having a grant consultant by your side not only raises your chances of success, but it also frees up your valuable time to focus on your deliverables

Does my company size matter?

Yes, your company size is important to applications. I Smaller companies can apply for higher subsidies (up to 70%) while larger companies are eligible for up to 50% of funding. The specific amount will vary between one grant and another, but FI Group always take this into consideration when searching for grants applicable to our clients.

How much can I apply for?

This depends on the type of competition you apply for, the level of technological development, and the size of your consortium. Project sizes can range from between £100k-£500k for single applicants, through to £2m and more for partners. Our bespoke FI Connect feature allows you to identify suitable partners to maximise your funding.

How much does this cost me in £ and in time?

Writing an application yourself is free, but the process is long and complicated. This may take your team weeks of overtime to write the business case and scrutinise the finances before submission, which carries with it a missed opportunity cost.

Conversely, FI Group takes the time burden off your team so you can focus on key deliverables. Over 3 to 4 single hour interviews, we can develop a grant proposal outlining the business case and relevant finances. We can also provide ad hoc assistance in answering queries as they develop at no extra cost.

Our service fee is typically 10% of the overall grant funding you apply for, and most of this is conditional on your success. We do charge an upfront fee of £5,000 to cover the costs of preparing the bid. A reduced service fee is available for clients requiring a lighter-touch review service of existing or previously written bids.

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