A new way of
claiming R&D Tax Credits. 

FI My R&D Claim is a cost-effective platform for customers to generate their own claims with the added support of our R&D Tax Consultants.

It’s the only tax claim software on the market developed by R&D Tax Specialist and designed to produce a technical report to the exact specification of HMRC’s legislation

Who can benefit
from the incentive?

Start Ups

Small SMEs (According to R&D Tax Relief purposes, an SME has double thresholds respect to the standard European Commission definition):     

  • Less than 500 employees – to change?
  • Either annual Turnover < €100 million OR total Balance Sheet < €86 million
  • All entities within a group are included when calculating the threshold
  • Any incorporated company conducting innovation, regardless of its sector of activity.



What are the advantages ?

FI My R&D Claim is a Cost Effective Solution



As R&D Tax Specialists we understand the legislation inside-out





You can complete the report in your own time






We only charge on qualified expenditure and only if your claim is successful


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