Managing Project Budgets 

Looking to better manage and understand the cost of project delivery?

Use your R&D tax claim to better understand the real actual cost of project delivery to help manage:

  • Burn rate
  • Profitability
  • Future pricing
  • Project Investment
  • Resource Allocation

This reporting can be done annually but becomes even more powerful to your business when done quarterly. This allows for quicker decisions and reinvestment.

Calculating true cost of employee

Reporting R&D tax benefit on an individual level can allow a business to better calculate the real true cost of their employees.

Why should I use R&D tax in this way?

  • Better understand your P&L
  • Set more accurate budgets
  • Understand cashflow
  • More informed recruitment decisions
  • Staff retention
  • Help managing pay rises

Less disruption on the day to day

R&D tax if left to last minute or handled in a short time period can be an unwanted but necessary distraction. It can also mean trying to document activities that happened over 12 months ago.

Looking to remove the distraction from the day to day. Quarterly R&D tax can:

  • Provide shorter more focused efforts
  • Allow for quicker documentation
  • Better time management
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