19 January 2023

What Makes It Europe’s Leading Hub?

London has been fueled in part by the city’s generous r&d tax credits, which have allowed tech startups to grow and scale quickly. From its cutting-edge startups to its prestigious universities, London offers a unique combination of resources, talent, and opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and innovators.

In this article, we will explore:

  • The overview of London’s tech scene.
  • The benefits of London for tech-savvy entrepreneurs.
  • Challenges of the tech scene.
  • How R&D Tax are fuelling London’s tech scene, and more.

Overview of the London Tech Scene

London’s tech scene developed in the 1960s, when the city was a hub of innovation in telecommunications and computing. Over the decades, the city has grown into a global hub for research and development, producing a steady stream of innovative ideas and technologies. The proximity to other European countries and its open-door immigration policy has helped it maintain its status as a leading tech hub, attracting top talent worldwide. 

In addition, it has become the home to many of Europe’s top tech companies, including Uber, Magic Pony, and Deliveroo. Many of these companies were founded by entrepreneurs from outside the UK that have chosen to locate their businesses in London. Due to its easy access to the capital, skilled labour force, and the international community London is the ideal place to start. 

Benefits of London for Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

Free-flowing venture capital

London has more venture capital per person than any other European city. Its plentiful supply of capital makes it easy for tech entrepreneurs to launch their ventures quickly.

Global talent

London attracts a diverse range of tech talent from around the world, making it an ideal hub for multicultural entrepreneurs. The multiculturalism, paired with its strong education system and robust research and development sector, makes it a top destination for tech talent. 

London Business networks

The robust network of companies makes London an ideal hub for entrepreneurs who want to access new networks and resources. It also makes London a lucrative market for startups with global ambitions. 

Venture Capital in London

London’s thriving venture capital community makes it an attractive hub for tech entrepreneurs. The city has more venture capital per person than any other European city, making it easy for tech entrepreneurs to access funding for their ventures, and they are more accessible than those in Silicon Valley. Moreover, venture capitalists also tend to work on shorter time horizons than their counterparts, making them more responsive to the needs of growing companies. 

International Business Community in London

London is home to one of the most diverse business communities in the world. The city attracts top talent from across the globe, creating a multicultural industry full of new perspectives and ideas, making London the ideal hub for tech entrepreneurs interested in collaborating with other businesses and innovators. 

London’s business community offers entrepreneurs access to diverse markets, events and a wealth of business connections. One of London’s most prestigious business events is TechCrunch Disrupt, a startup competition that brings together tech entrepreneurs and investors from across the globe. Another event, Mobile World Congress, offers a unique networking opportunity for tech entrepreneurs and telecom companies.

Resources for Entrepreneurs

Tech City

London’s tech industry has its own trade organization, Tech City, which supports tech entrepreneurs and startups with resources and mentorship. Tech City runs a number of programs that provide tech entrepreneurs with useful resources, including the Start-up Loans Scheme and mentorship programs.

Mayor of London Start-up Scholarship

London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan created the Start-up Scholarship to support underrepresented entrepreneurs. This program offers R&D grants of up to £25,000 to help aspiring entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.

London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange is home to a number of tech-focused exchanges and resources, including the Alternative Investment Exchange (AIX), which hosts tech stocks and other tech-focused companies. The London Stock Exchange also hosts the London Investment Banking Association (LIBA), a leading source of information on investment banking in London.

Educational Opportunities in London

Computer Science at the University of Oxford

Oxford’s Department of Computer Science is one of the world’s leading computer science departments, making it an ideal place for tech entrepreneurs to study computer science. The department also offers a Master of Science in Computational Science and Engineering, which provides students with a cutting-edge computer science education.

Computer Science at the University of Cambridge

Cambridge’s Computer Science Department is another top computer science program in the UK. This leading department also offers a Master of Computer Science (MCS) degree, which provides students with a broad education in computer science.

Top Startups in London


Founded in 2008, Airbnb is one of the world’s leading hospitality companies. This online marketplace connects hosts with guests, making it easier for people to rent out space in their homes and travel affordably. Airbnb has become a top startup in London and a leading tech startup globally.


Founded in 2012, Deliveroo is a leading food delivery company that lets users order from their favourite restaurants. This online marketplace connects restaurants with customers and lets them order food online or through an app. Deliveroo has become one of the leading startups in London and a top food delivery company globally.

Magic Pony Technology

Founded in 2015, Magic Pony Technology develops machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for visual platforms and has become the leading startup within AI globally.

London tech scene

Challenges of the Tech Scene

Outdated policies

The UK government has lagged when it comes to adopting new technologies and updating its policies. Granted, to reflect the needs of digital companies and their users. This has made it more difficult for tech startups to scale their services and reach users across the country.

Lack of diversity

Many of the leading tech companies are predominately focused on male users and employees. While this is true across the tech industry, it has become an increasingly important issue in London. This has led to a lack of diversity in tech that has made it difficult for aspiring entrepreneurs to break into the industry.

How R&D tax credits are fueling the London tech scene

What are R&D Tax incentives?

R&D tax credits are a tax incentive provided by the government to encourage companies to conduct more research and development. They allow businesses to offset their taxable profits by the “cost of undertaking certain types of research and development activities”. Learn more about R&D Tax Credits here.

London’s tech boom has been fueled in part by the city’s R&D tax credits. The city offers a more favourable environment than other European hubs. As a result, it has emerged as the leading tech hub in Europe. London is home to one-third of all European ‘unicorns’ (startups valued at $1 billion or more). In addition, it is now the world’s number one city for FinTech. The city has a thriving tech ecosystem, but it’s the city’s R&D tax credits that have made it an attractive location for tech companies.

How the tax credits are helping tech startups grow and scale

The tax credits enable businesses to claim back over a third of the investment they make in R&D. The more money that a company spends on R&D, the more money it can claim back in tax credits. Since the number of tax credits a company can claim is based on the amount it spends on R&D, this is an incentive for tech companies to spend as much as they can on R&D. 

Since the credits are not an equity investment, this is a different way for a company to raise capital than going to the equity market and getting investors to buy shares. The credits are awarded based on the type of research that a company is conducting, and the value of the credits varies according to the type of research that is being done.


London has long been a hub of technological development and innovation, and with its thriving tech scene, it’s no wonder that it’s considered the leading tech hub in Europe. From its cutting-edge startups to its prestigious universities, London offers a unique combination of resources, talent, and opportunities for tech-savvy entrepreneurs and innovators. The thriving ecosystem has been fuelled in part by the city’s R&D tax credits. As a result, tax credits help tech startups to scale quickly and have enabled them to grow much more quickly than they would otherwise have been able to do. 

From its free-flowing venture capital to its diverse international business community, London is the perfect place to launch a new venture or explore the latest trends in technology. Whether you’re looking to explore the latest trends or launch a new venture, London’s tech scene is the perfect place to start.

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