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The funding scheme supporting the innovative European SMEs and project partners, Eurostars, is now open for project applications.

This European fund program offer grants to international collaborative Research, Development, and Innovation projects from more than 35 countries, including the United Kingdom

National funding bodies

Each national funding body manages the Eurostars funding that each organization receives therefore, the rules vary from one country to another. Is the national body decides:

  • Which organization can receive funding,
  • Which project activities can be funded
  • Funding rates and thresholds


To apply, the project must fulfil seven eligibility criteria:

  • An innovative SME must lead the project consortium. Is important that this SME is from a participating country.
  • At least two entities independent of one another are compsing the project consortium..
  • The project consortium is composed of entities from at least two participating countries. At least one has to be an EU or Horizon Europe Associated Country.
  • The budget of the SMEs from the participating countries (excluding any subcontracting) is 50% or more of the total project cost.
  • No single participant or country is responsible for more than 70% of the budget of the project.
  • The project duration is 36 months maximum.
  • The project has an exclusive focus on civil applications. 


Among the novelties of Eurostars is the incorporation of Singapore into the network. In addition, at least one of the two countries participating in the Eurostars network must be a member or associated country of the European Union.

As a final point it is important to note that the call for applications ends on the 4th of November 2021


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